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Top 10 most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland

Switzerland is always a favorite destination for European tourists. Nature has blessed Switzerland with a beautiful landscape, pleasant climate and valuable cultural heritage, making everyone fascinated. In this Eutrip’s Switzerland travel guide, let’s explore the top 10 most popular tourist destinations here!

1. Lucern

Lucern  is an ancient town mixed with modernity, surrounded by bridges and ancient houses along the streets.

Take a walk around the city, admire the   beautiful  Chapel Bridge on Lake Lucern, and the stone Lion statue – symbol of the Swiss   heroes  to feel the ancient and modern beauty of this place.

Let  Lucern  be one of the destinations on your Switzerland travel itinerary!

2. Zurich

Zurich  is Switzerland’s largest city and a favorite destination for  Swiss tourists . The city is located in the northwest of Lake Zurich.

This is an ideal destination for those who like to walk. You can wander in the old town. Shop on  Bahnhofstrasse Avenue , one of the best shopping streets in Europe, or visit  Grossmunster Church  – the symbol of the city.

3. Bern

Bern  is quite small compared to other capitals in Europe, but its ancient and peaceful features have put this city on the list of must-visit places when traveling to Switzerland.

Wandering in the old town, visitors feel like they are lost in a fairy tale place with domes imbued with Gothic architecture from the 15th century, along with many other ancient buildings.

4. Matterhoon Mountain

Matterhoon Mountain   is one of the highest mountain ranges in the Alps. At the foot of the mountain is the  charming village of Zermatt  with high-end resorts, restaurants and luxury hotels.

Tourists  traveling to Switzerland  when coming here are not allowed to use motorbikes to avoid polluting the environment. You can walk around here during   your self-sufficient travel to Switzerland .

5. Interlaken

Nestled between Lake  Thun  and Lake  BrienzInterlaken  is one of the favorite summer destinations of Swiss tourists.

There are more than 45 mountain railways, cable cars, paragliding… for you to admire the scenery from above. For those who like adventure travel, this will be an ideal destination for you to climb mountains, kayak… .

6. Geneva

Switzerland  always attracts tourists because of its beautiful scenery and friendly people.  Geneva  is a small but very developed and wealthy city located in the southwest of Switzerland. This place is blessed by nature with beautiful natural landscapes. Geneva is no exception. Although not as magnificent as London or  Paris  , it is the peace and closeness of this place that attracts  Swiss tourists .

Places not to be missed when traveling to Geneva are the  majestic Mont Saleve mountain  , the romantic village of  Chamonix Mont Blanc  or  the Jet D’Eau Fountain .

7. Albula/Bernina train line

The Albula/Bernina train line  is one of the rare train lines  recognized by UNESCO  as a cultural heritage and is one of the great trips Swiss tourists should not miss.

8. Jungfrau region

Jungfraujoch is like a wonderland growing in the high mountains, a place that every adventurer or travel lover wishes to visit.

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There are three adjacent mountain peaks here: Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger. The peaks are located on lush green grasslands, and the winding mountain roads unintentionally create a stunningly beautiful landscape for this area.

The center of the region is the small rustic town of Interlaken. Tourists often choose this as their first Swiss tourist destination before going to other towns such as Grindelwald, Murren, Wengen and Lauterbrunnen.

Top 10 most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland

9. Rhine waterfall

The Rhine River waterfall   is the largest waterfall in Europe, and is a captivating natural wonder when  traveling to Switzerland .

Located in the north of Switzerland near the town of Schaffhausen, the waterfall seems to roar from a height of more than 150m.

Visitors can enjoy the view from afar or rent a canoe to travel to nearby castles such as  Lau Lauen  and  Schloss Wörth .

August 1 National Guest of Switzerland Waterfall River often organizes a grand flower sale to attract tourists.

10. Chillon Castle

Located on the shore of Lake Léman, 3km from  Montreux , this castle has up to 100 independent buildings linked together to form a large complex. Once the residence of  the  wealthy Count of Savoy

The castle is not only the most beautiful castle in Switzerland but also one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe with poetic beauty and is the most visited tourist in Switzerland.

Stroll along the lakeshore to discover rooms, underground bunkers, and weapons from the 14th century that have been kept intact to this day.

Above is an article about  Eutrip’s Top 10 most popular Swiss tourist destinations.

If you have questions about  Swiss tourist visas  or  Swiss tours , please contact  Eutrip  for free consultation!

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